2015 m. vasario 10 d., antradienis

Sneak peek of our ship base

Hello friends!

This time we would like to introduce you to our hangar and give a sneak peek of what it has inside. These spacecrafts are prepared to strike deadliest blows to your enemies. So check out what beautiful war machines you will get!


This little fellow is the sneakiest one out of all ships. Although it does not have any fire power, this ship can still be really handy if you need some reconnaissance done. Scout will provide you with vision while you are snooping around enemy base or act as a spotter for more powerful ships. Because it is a small spacecraft, it can fly faster and make cover longer distances than any of your other ships. It even has enough movement to get inside your enemy base and come back safely - all in one turn! Even thought you can not fight with this spacecraft it is still a core asset to your strategy with it's scouting skills.

Work In Progress - Scout


This heavy assault spaceship will destroy everything on its way. Gunship is our enemies worst nightmare. You would definitely not want to get into its radar. This huge spacecraft has the most powerful weaponry in your fleet. However due to a huge array of weapons gunships cannot travel long distances. It is an expensive spacecraft which you will not want to lose in a fight. So you will have to think very wisely where to deploy it and be aware of how far before/after attack it will be able to fly. However, at the end of day, the gunship is your best friend if you want to make huge damage to enemy forces in one turn.

Work In Progress - Gunship

             ROCKET FRIGATE

Rocket frigates are our long range assassins. Your enemy won't know when or from where it will appear, but when that time comes – it will be gone in seconds. Rocket frigates do not have as many attacks as gunships do, but long range and very high damage makes it a perfect tactical strike accomplice. However, rocket frigates are costly as well, both in resources and population. Be aware of its power and use it well.

Work In Progress - Rocket Frigate


Corvette is a wonderful spaceship. It might seem that it is less powerful than others, but don’t get fooled by it. It can do a lot of damage and create pretty big mess to your enemies. Corvette is a sly ship. It can move pretty long distances and has quite strong weaponry. Corvettes also requires less population, which makes them a good choice if you have to be everywhere at once. They are best to be used in groups for hit and run attacks and are a worthy addition to your fleet.


This game is still in development, so be aware that things might change. This is not the final version ;)

2015 m. vasario 5 d., ketvirtadienis

Orborun review and super awesome offer for You, guys!

Attention! Orborun in on sale!

Right now you can get Orborun with 50% discount on Steam! How awesome is that?! Don’t miss the opportunity, because this offer will end at 9th of February.

Hey guys/gals - we'd like to remind you about Orborun!

While our newest game is still in development we would like to talk about our previous love child – Orborun.

This fun and exciting game was released in 2013 and got a whooping average rating of 4.3 stars by reviewers including PocketGamer  and TouchArcade.

Orborun is a 3D roll & run game that will test your reflexes and make your heart race as you make quick, but life saving decisions. Guide Orbo, your friendly robot through 6 worlds of fast paced levels, each with its own different challenges.

Steer your Orbot to left and right and collect points while trying to avoid obstacles. It seems quite easy, right? But don’t get tricked by that! It is way harder than you think. This game will challenge your reaction skills with many different levels ranging from "walk in the park" easy to "mind-bending" hard. We guarantee you that this game will immerse you within few minutes.

Check the review of Orborun made by Clever Musings to find out more about this game.

2015 m. vasario 2 d., pirmadienis

Few new suprises in renewed gameplay

Hello everybody!

If you remember the latest videos and how the game looked back then, you will be pleasantly surprised by many changes we have done during this month. We want to show you how we managed to improve our new game.

The biggest change in the game is the design. You can see how much the battleships have changed. Now enemy spaceships have clearer figures. And of course, we cannot forget to mention how much we have changed the main player ships too. The quality of graphics right now looks absolutely amazing!

And for your convenience all the most important things like units and buttons for spaceships, towers are put on the bottom of screen while resources and population are on top of screen. 

If you wonder what population is then let me introduce you the brand new change in our game. Now spaceships and extractors not only require resources but also some population in order to be built. Population is a limited resource and for now you only have 18 of it (you will be able to unlock population boosting buildings later in game). So you will have to work on your strategy. After all you don’t want to reach your limits and have no chance to call out more battleships when enemy army is attacking you. If you will use them wisely you won’t have any problems dealing with aliens.

Other change in game is that warp linkers and laser towers built themselves within one move instead of two. This helps to shield your base faster and prepare for the next possible enemy move.

Above every friendly unit you can see an indicator with swords. It shows you how many times the unit can attack in one turn. Laser towers are especially good in defending your base, because they have as many attacks in one turn as your strongest battleships. So if your base is attacked by enemies, within just one turn (of course if you have enough resources) you can protect yourself easily. 

After some strategic moves and attacks you will be able to find the enemy base, which you will have to destroy. Because of that within time you will get more and more units, so you could have better chances to be able to stand up against the army of your enemy.
If you have no will or wish to have deadly battle with ships you can always choose other way to reach the victory. There are three objectives to win the game: gathering enough victory points, destroying enemy bases or collecting enough resources. You will accomplish the mission if at least one objective is met.

If that won’t steal your hearts now, then we will have even more surprises and news coming up soon!
The team has cool ideas and thoughts under their sleeves for you so stay tuned and keep following our news.

And just for you we share a short video of improved gameplay. Enjoy!

2014 m. gruodžio 15 d., pirmadienis

Some gameplay videos

Hey everyone!

While we are building core features in our new game I will share some moments from it. So here it is - first gameplay video with some colonization, movement, combat and explosions. It has some bugs and visual glitches but you can already see in-game action!

These dark figures represent an evil alien race. It is controlled by computer (using artificial intelligence) so sometimes it is hard to tell how will computer act... One of the enemy units, currently named "Fortress", is just doing something weird. Not only I can hardly tell what is it going to do I'm also having troubles fighting it as it is completely not following the rules (as you will see in this short video). Developers told me that this should not happen so I guess "Fortress" will get a lesson on how to behave ;)

The visuals and gameplay is changing while I'm typing these lines so I will update you with the fresh info soon. Stay tuned, space commanders!

2014 m. lapkričio 13 d., ketvirtadienis

WIP: improving visuals

Hello everyone!

It is time to show you how our work is quickly becoming a visually nice prototype. Remember our strategy game idea? Two weeks ago we had a grid with some flying shapes which looked like this.

Programmer art, FTW!

Our team has worked hard these two weeks and right now we already have spaceships, laser towers, special effects, explosions and working game prototype where you can annihilate some enemies! Here are some screenshots from what we already have.

Feel free to leave your feedback and if you like it - subscribe and be the first one to try public beta!

2014 m. lapkričio 3 d., pirmadienis

Model animations gone wild

Hey there.

This thing made our office burst into laughter so we wanted to share it with you.

Are you smiling already? These models were made by one of our remote graphics interns. We know they look a bit weird, but hey, everybody has to learn. What really cracked us up was what happened when we actually added their animations and hit the play button.

The result was... unexpected.

So yeah. It still cheers me up to look at these, even after some time. Hope we cheered up your day.

P.S.: don't mash 6 models into one .blend file along with all the animations for all of these. Or else you might write a blog post like this as well :-)

2014 m. spalio 27 d., pirmadienis

Welcome to our Development Blog!

Hello everyone! It has been a while without any updates and we feel bad about leaving you hanging like this... We have decided to put our in-house moments on this development blog so you know what is going on in our office. Some great news are coming and we want to share them with you!

Remember Nebula 44? Yes, it was closed. Yes, we know you liked it. But some things needs to be sacrificed so that better things could be created. We have started Nebula 44 because we wanted to create a good browser strategy game that we would play for a long time and game like that was not yet created. However, even though we were very ambitious, we have made many mistakes there as we were young and inexperienced. 

We have reached the age when we had to pay our bills and sitting at the office all day long working hard without making any money was not the way to deal with that. We had to change something and make ourselves to stand firmly. So we have founded a company and made many small mobile games to survive. We have also created Orborun – an action skill premium game that was very well reviewed but did not generate huge revenues...

We took part of GameFounders – the first gaming accelerator in Europe, worked ourselves through many different partners and strategies for our games and right now we feel back on track. We can live as a studio and we can pay our bills, it's time to get back to the real deal! We will always be the fans of space strategy and we are going to strike the mobile market with the strategy experience it is missing!

Are you bored with the mobile strategy games being only Clash of Clans and all of its clones? Can't find a game to play with your friends on the evenings? We know the feeling, we can not allow that to continue and we are preparing something to solve that!

It all started as taking notes and thinking about the mobile market strategy games situation. Later it was rolled out to the concept where we all talked how great it would be to play the strategy game that has this and that... We have wanted to create a mobile game where you could play a short (~15-30 mins) matches against computer or other players at any time, your teammates would be able to join the battle and help you in the middle of the game, of course there should be many spaceships, buildings, lasers and rockets! You should be also able to research different technologies and grow stronger day after day. All of this is just a talk without testing, so – we have bought this :)

A two boxes full of dices, marbles and other little things, a huge sheet of carton divided into galaxy sectors and a great imagination transforms all of this into playable paper prototype! It takes a lot of time to prepare, play and calculate all the things that should be done by computer but it is already fun to play! We have even tried multiplayer co-op vs. AI mode with this version and after a hard battle we managed to defeat the evil alien spawner warp-gate :)

Right now we are working full time to create the playable version for Android. We are doing good and we can already build some stuff in game. Server is working and things are getting done a lot faster this time. So stay tuned and be one of the first players to compete using your strategy skills.

While we do the development a lot of fun things happen in our office. We will try to share that with you so from now on you will get a taste of our life in this development blog.